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Trump Rakes up Cruz’s Canadian Birth

In a media interview, Donald Trump, the presidential nomination hopeful from the Republican Party, said that Ted Cruz, his rival for the same post within the party has an extremely precarious issue. This could make the latter vulnerable in case he becomes the presidential nominee of the GOP.

Trump’s attack on the Texas Senator was not a wayward shot. Cruz has become ahead in some states-including Iowa, the early voting state.

Cruz and the citizenship question

Cruz, in his response, laughed off the comments made by Trump. He asked reporters to move to issues which really mattered. Cruz took to social media, using Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) to post a link to a particular video taken from a 1970s TV show where a character ski over a shark. This “jumping the shark” moment has come to popularly refer to use gimmick to halt decline of any television show.

According to the American constitution, the presidency of the United States can only be held by “natural born citizens”. If one goes by argument of legal scholars, this description encompass children born to American parents in foreign countries.

Ted Cruz’s birthplace was Calgary, Alberta. His mother, Eleanor, is an American from Delaware and Rafael, his father, was from Cuba. Rafael took US citizenship in 2005. The senator from Texas has repeatedly said that as his mother is American by birth, he too is one. This is in accordance with US law, which states that any person born to an American citizen is automatically granted citizenship regardless of the place of birth. Ted Cruz renounced Canadian citizenship about two years before- in 2014.

Friendly relations

Trump and Cruz share cordial relations bordering on friendship. The two are competing for conservative support for the presidential nomination and as the February 1 Iowa caucus date comes near, there are signs of strain. Trump shot first, saying that no evangelical has come out of Cuba. He did not mention Cruz by name- but it was clear to his audience to whom he was referring to.

In another interview with the media, Trump said that he simply offered a candid assessment of Cruz and denied striking a personal attack. He said repeatedly that many people are aware of this topic and are mentioning it. The billionaire real estate mogul has claimed Cruz to be his friend and he respects him. He also said Cruz’s birth issue could be a stumbling block and the latter must solve it before he goes further down the presidential race.