Trump Ready to Fix North Korea Problem Irrespective of China’s Involvement

US President, Donald Trump has stated that the US would fix the issue of a possible nuclear threat from North Korea, irrespective of whether or not China would play a role. In his words, the President made it clear that if China wouldn’t solve the North Korea problem, they (US) would,

When questioned if the US would succeed in its independent effort to do so, Trump replied by saying “Totally”.

The President’s statements come just before the scheduled visit from China’s President, Xi Jinping. The Chinese leader will be meeting Trump sometime this week.

Trump, in his statement, also mentioned the influence that China possessed over North Korea and that the country would have to decide soon on helping the US or not. He added that if China chose to help, it would be good for them, but, if they didn’t, it would be bad for everybody.

When asked if whether he was referring to a one-on-one unilateral action by making such a statement, the President replied by saying that he didn’t have anything more to say. He also refused to offer more details on the kind of action he planned to take.

Trump’s statements are only the newest in a slew of warnings that the US has issued against North Korea’s nuclear agenda.

There is a looing fear that the country will be able to develop long-range nuclear weaponry capable of targeting the US.

The national security team has already drafted a range of military and economic strategies that will be made available to the President. According to information provided by an unnamed official, the strategies primarily involve increased sanctions against North Korea and more pressure on China to correct its neighbor’s actions.

Reports suggest that Kim Jong-Un is focusing on developing weaponry that will be on-par with those possessed by the US and its allies. During his 5 year reign, the leader has already carried out 3 nuclear tests and overseen the development of better long-range ballistic missiles.

Just last month, the country launched another rocket, which happens to be the third one since Trump’s inauguration. However, the missile failed, as it exploded within seconds of its launch. Nevertheless, the testing drew criticism from Washington.

Defense Secretary, James Mattis, stated that North Korea’s behavior was “reckless”.

Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, has warned of military action against North Korea, if necessary.

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