Trump Relaxes Decades Old US Policy towards Israel

The Trump administration has taken a break from decades-old American policy of stressing on the two-state solution of the conflict between Israel and Palestine. President Donald J. Trump of the United States has pledged to deliver an excellent peace deal but stressed that both Israel and Palestine should make compromises. He made this announcement during a news conference with Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli Prime Minister. The two warring entities had no real peace talks from 2014.

Two state solution

The Israeli government has hopes for better Washington-Tel Aviv relations with White House post eight years of constant friction with the former Obama administration. During the February 15 press conference, neither Trump nor Netanyahu made an explicit commitment to back an independent Palestine in the future. The latter was one of the pivots of the long-term American policy.

The “two-state solution” is the short form for final settlement which would witness the creation of Palestine as an independent state. The borders of this country will follow pre-1967 ceasefire lines along West Bank, East Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip. The country would co-exist peacefully with Israel. The concept is fully supported by the United Nations, the European Union, the Arab League and now the United States.

The US standing

The US President asked the Israeli Prime Minister to halt the building of settlements for a small time period. The West Asian nation has given approval to thousands of new residences in East Jerusalem and West Bank settlements since the middle of January.

President Trump said that although he is looking at two solutions, one of two states, and the other of a single state, he prefers the one which both the countries like. He repeatedly said that his solution to the Israeli – Palestinian conflict will be the one which both the warring entities agree on.

President Trump was questioned about the election promise he previously made to move US embassy from the present site of Tel Aviv to the ancient city of Jerusalem. This move, if happens, would have a serious effect on any kind of peace negotiations. The president said that he would like it to happen and is looking at the matter with great interest. When questioned about the two-state solution, the Israeli Prime Minister said that he wanted to concentrate on “substance”. Netanyahu added that peace can only come if Palestinians recognize the Jewish state. He also put forward the pre-condition that Israel will retain control over complete territory west of the Jordan river.

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