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Trump Releases National Cyber Strategy

The Trump Administration had released the National Cyber Strategy. This has been the first release of a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy since the National Strategy to Secure Cyberspace released by the Bush Administration in 2003.

The Trump Administration plans to invest into the cybersecurity industry, encouraging the proliferation of different cybersecurity products and strategies. In order to prevent the failure of current security, plans have been made to test the effectiveness of the federal cybersecurity contractors by running practice tests on their systems. The Administration is also planning to work with businesses within the United States to further understand the risk management when it comes to business security, as the theft of intellectual property is a goal of many cyber-attacks.

 Along with the support for the industry, the Trump administration is seeking to increase the cybersecurity workforce. The President has proposed, in his strategy, the action of merit-based immigration to bring immigrants, skilled in cybersecurity, to the United States. To increase the size of the workforce further, the strategy suggests investment in education and training for new cybersecurity workers, so much so that the strategy discusses the retraining of skilled workers to change their profession and become involved in the cybersecurity industry.

The Administration also seeks to form a coalition with their partners and allies. The goal of this coalition is to deter any future cyber-attacks as a potential attack would be met with harsh consequences from all coalition members.