Trump’s Announcement of Running Mate out of Character?

Trump’s announcement of Indiana Governor Mike Pence as VP front runner from the GOP was done in the most non-Trump way ever. He barely stayed on stage after the announcement.

Trump has been called many things before, but seldom has he given up the ‘damn everything and everyone’ flair that people seem to so love him for. All of that was completely absent in the way he endorsed his VP candidate in the GOP convention. He seemed sad, resigned, and almost like he was cornered and pressured into doing it. Unlike the normal energy he displays on stage, there was a sense of ‘I don’t even care’ about the way he went about it. That is not something that is characteristic of Donald Trump; there was little, if not completely absent disgust, sarcasm, and anger.


While he had a reserved look on his face, the words that he spoke were simply out of place. He described Pence as a man who was ‘truly outstanding’. Trump noted earlier that one of the main reasons Pence was selected was that he had given into political and familial pressure that was backed by a strong, calculated strategy. Most people might have expected him to go hand in hand with Governor Chris Christie, possibly the only Republican who can stand toe to toe with Trump’s extravagance.

The Pence balance

Pence is expected, however, to bring balance to all of the madness that Trump exudes. Pence is a religious conservative that will have to hold on to a New Yorker who has all three ideologies in equal measure. Trump is a man whose policy is far right as far as immigration goes, is libertarian on social issues, and far left on trade; a heady mix. The two men cannot be more unlike each other if they tried harder. Personality is another thing entirely and Pence started with ‘I’m very humble’, where Trump knows not what that means. Even Pence’s facial expressions are pulled down and humble, he seems puzzled and concerned. That is something that Trump’s face may not even be capable of doing.

As far as the convention went, Pence seemed to be a pensive, measured man. He is resolute and determined. The chemistry between the two of them though, is something that seems to be lacking in every way. Does Trump not really care for this proud Christian, conservative republican at all? Only time will tell.

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