Trump’s Ban on Transgender in the Military Blocked by Second Federal Court

New policy to ban transgender recruits from military

In July 2017, President Donald Trump posted a tweet about his plans to ban transgenders from enrolling in the military. On August, the White House made a memorandum asking the military to stop enlisting transgenders by March. The memorandum also had orders stop gender reassignment surgery in its tracks because it used government funds.

During the reign of the Obama administration, the military was given time until July 1st, 2017 to start accepting transgender enlisters. However, Donald Trump’s Defense Department changed the date of the deadline and moved it to January 1st.

Second federal court blocks Trump administration’s policy

With only a week remaining before Trump’s policy went into full effect, a federal court from Washington blocked his move on Friday (22nd December 2017). According to official reports, all the four federal judges who were part of the decision-making process ruled against Donald Trump’s new policy to prevent transgenders from joining the military.

The Trump administration has appealed as the three rulings have not gone in their favor.

Three judges were appointed to review the Trump administration’s policy. After carefully going through all the details, all the three judges came to a six-page conclusion that the Trump administration didn’t have a solid reason to stop transgenders from enlisting in the military.

On Thursday, in Richmond, Virginia, the federal court made a ruling against the anti-transgender policy.

According to the Trump administration, the military wasn’t ready to accept transgender personnel by January 1st. They argued that numerous military personnel needed extra training to handle transgender enlisters.

As the federal courts are against the policy, the case will move to the highest court in the country, the United States Supreme Court. As the Supreme Court is conservative, it will be interesting to see their stance on the Trump administration’s policy.

Pentagon making arrangements to accept transgender recruits

According to a statement made by the Pentagon, it will go ahead with the original plan to enlist Transgender applicants for the US military. The Pentagon also said that they created a panel of experts who will be making recommendations regarding accepting transgender enlisters. Dave Eastburn, US Army Major and one of the spokesmen of Pentagon said that the Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Deputy Secretary of Defense are going to be assisting the panel of experts.

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