Trump’s Defiance is America’s Shame

Presidential candidate Donald Trump has often been in the news for wrong reasons and it appears he just won’t quit. In the most recent shocker, Trump, during the final debate with Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton, stated that if he lost, he would refuse to accept the 2016 election results.

The first half of the debate saw Trump wisely keeping away from indulging in personal attacks against his opponent. However, the polite atmosphere didn’t last long as he eventually ended up clashing with her. Some of the adjectives used by Trump to describe Clinton included “nasty woman” and “liar”.

Never before has the US seen such defiance from a presidential nominee.

To make things worse, Trump even tweeted that his opponent was provided with the debate questions in advance; a claim that is yet to garner evidence in support of it.

Clinton’s campaigners have refrained from offering any comments on Trump’s claim.

Shocked and Dismayed

Hillary stated that she found it “horrifying” that her opponent would refuse to accept the nation’s tradition in peacefully handing power to the elected ember. Trump even went onto claim that the election was completely rigged against him and that Hillary’s use of a private email server, during her term as Secretary of State, made her an illegitimate president. Trump even added that Hillary should never have been allowed to run the race.

Nicholas Burns, a former undersecretary of state during George W. Bush’s term, stated that Trump’s defiance was a “colossal mistake” that was very likely to ruin the US’s reputation across the globe. Burns believes that America’s democratic system and ability to switch power between multiple parties is what makes the country respectable. It is what, he believes, sets the US apart from near-totalitarian states such as China and Russia.

Burns, who endorses Clinton, also stated that Trump’s statements were a direct violation of the democratic tradition followed in America. The last time any national leader made such a statement was back in 1860, when Confederate leaders refused to acknowledge Lincoln’s victory.

A Strange Approach

Former Chief of Staff at the White House, William M. Daley, who also served as Al Gore’s campaign chairman, stated that Gore’s supporters had practiced extreme caution during the 2000 elections to avoid ruining the legitimacy surrounding Bush’s presidency. The caution was so extreme that they even drew criticism for it. However, in the case of Trump, Daley points out that there seems to be no “drawing the line”.

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