Trump’s Ill-Advised Response to North Korean Threat

The sanctions imposed by the U.N. have not gone down well with North Korea despite the fact that their impact will be known only after China's willingness to follow them is known. Meanwhile, Kim Jong Un is clearly not waiting for this because he has already issued a strong statement in response, talking about physical retaliation for the sanctions.

Escalating tensions

The war of words did not stop with North Korea hinting at a physical attack in response to the sanctions; President Trump chose to dive into the middle of the issue with his own rather ill-thought out comments. Reacting to Pyongyang's 'physical retaliation' threat, President Trump spoke at a press meet and made his own fiery statement about how North Korea will face 'fire and fury and power that the world has not witnessed before'.

North Korea talks about 'thousands fold revenge'

While talk about physical retaliation is not pleasant by any standards, North Korea's dramatic vow of making sure to exact 'thousands fold revenge' upon the U.S. is setting off alarm bells in the nation. This threat gains significance after the recent evidence that North Korea is now capable of actually launching a nuclear weapon and hitting the U.S. territories. In fact, post the President's ill-timed and ill-advised statement about 'fire and fury', Pyongyang has upped the ante by issuing an official statement that it is 'examining a plan' to launch a missile on Guam, a U.S. territory.  They have also said that this attack could take place at any instant. Experts believe that North Korea has not overcome some major technical glitches that prevented it, until now, from launching missiles that could reach the U.S. mainland. They further believe that Kim Jong Un could launch a missile capable of reaching New York now.

Aggressive stance could backfire

North Korea experts have warned that Trump's aggressive stance may only serve to hasten military action by Kim Jong Un and spark off a nuclear missile launch that could have serious global repercussions. It also appears that all Republicans are not in full agreement with the way the President chose to handle this highly sensitive issue. This does seem to be a rational attitude to have, particularly after North Korea has outlined a rather detailed plan on how its attack on Guam will unfold, thus showing that the country has done its homework well.

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