Trump’s Immigration ban fuels Chaos

Airports across the United States witnessed chaos as President Donald J. Trump gave his signature to an executive order which temporarily banned immigration into the US from seven countries. Authorities, lawyers and travelers struggled to understand the ramifications of the order. The countries are Iran, Yemen, Libya, Syria, Sudan, Somalia and Iraq.

Mismanagement of orders

There were allegations by immigration advocacy groups and civil rights attorneys that agents of Customer and Border Protection are interpreting orders as per personal whims and fancies. A few international airports like Dallas, Chicago and Atlanta have seen border protection offers allowing admittance to newly arrived travelers while a number of arrivals from Muslim nations were continued to be detained at San Francisco, New York JFK and Los Angeles airports.

Both the Department of Homeland Security and The White House have countered allegations of mismanagement by saying that guidelines were sent to agents controlling points of entry. They said that only a fraction of total travelers came under the purview of this order. President Trump, when questioned on this subject, said that it was carried out extremely nicely. A number of officials have said to the media that civil rights groups are blowing up actual facts out of proportion.

According to Department of Homeland Security, 109 individuals have been detained as of January 28 night. It will follow an order issued by a New York judge where it is asked to provide a list of detainees. These include people who have arrived in America on January 29.

Relief rulings

Rulings were issued by three federal courts, situated in Boston, New York and Virginia, since January 28 night to protect individuals in transit to the United States when new orders came into force. These travelers were caught in the legal limbo. Mass confusion reigned. According to Lee Gelernt of the Immigrant Rights Project of the ACLU, the Trump administration did not take into account how people will interpret the order. It just issued it without even making sure of fair and proper implementation measures.

Ann Donnelly, a US District Judge, issued a ruling on January 28 which prohibited officials of the Customs and Border Protection department all over the United States from the deportation of any immigrant. These includes both legal immigrants and refugees from the seven countries in question. Travelers from these seven majorly Muslim countries will enjoy the consequences of this ruling in case their visa is valid. The order is applicable only to immigrants already landed on US soil or in transit.

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