Trump’s Reelection And Pushing Agenda

President Donald J. Trump, barely into his presidency, has already started his re-election campaign. He has already filed the necessary paperwork. This will allow him to begin collecting money and spending them. In contrast, both President George W. Bush and President Barack Obama has worked in their presidential offices for two years prior to them filing for second time re-election. President Trump, on the other hand, held four massive rallies where he attacked political foes and promoted his agenda. About $1.5 million has been spent on television advertisements until now.

Definite advantages

Experts in campaign finance say that Trump's new role as a candidate provides him the needed legal freedom. He could act in a number of ways which is not possible by a sitting president. To give an example, it could be harder for the president to turf out protesters from his rallies.

Trump's actions have a semblance of logic. His strange move to begin fund-raising early in his presidency permits him to capitalize on the federal election laws. He can push his own agenda in a number of ways. Trump can enthuse his supporters, and openly blame political enemies. He can pressure lawmakers hostile to him to follow his bidding. These he can do without breaking any rules which stops the usage of taxpayer money for use in politics.

According to Larry Noble of the watchdog group Campaign Legal Center, the strategy adopted by Trump ensures that the audience becomes friendly. It will also enable the latter to say what he truly wants to say. However, when he declared his candidacy during his presidential first day, it made him appear extremely partisan. The citizens of the United States could not enjoy a period when President Trump was the President of the whole United States.

Pay and come

Michael Glassner, a campaign aide for Trump, and who was appointed as the executive director of re-election efforts, said that any Trump campaign does not restrict attendance. Participants, however, require tickets to attend. The ticketing activity permits campaign managers to increase Trump's large database of supporters along with their addresses. It represents another method to solicit donations towards the campaign. It also assists to mobilize voters friendly towards the Trump cause to help policy battles being waged in Washington.

Television networks broadcast such events live. This enables Trump to connect with his audience to enjoy an unfiltered and uncensored method to communicate with American voters.

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