Trump’s Tax Strategies as he prepares for Inauguration

An Easy Method

The new President is expected to come out with fresh federal tax structures to help the lower income and the high earners with their income tax schedule. The objective of the President Elect is to ensure that the tax structure is made simple without the hoopla associated with the program. It can get confusing to the average American who would like to file her/his taxes and with new professionals taking over the office of finance in the government, it is going to prove beneficial to the average American family.

Strategy to Provide Jobs

The idea to overhaul corporate taxes and give tax breaks to hedge fund operators has everyone in the industry feeling expectant. During the campaigns, Mr. Trump had indicated that the objective was to repeal taxes on high earners and the wealth. He also did mention that taxes on gifts and real estate would be done away with considerably. The basis of his words was that the average American needed to be at work instead of the government funding large corporate houses. Working out a strategy to give people a roof over their heads with workable income is the need of the hour.


Not every salaried worker may be liable for a tax break but the objective of improving the economic fabric is strictly on point with the new leader at the wheel. Policies that are friendly to Wall Street with new financial giants handling business should look peachy for the stock market. Tax breaks and relaxing of regulations may just do away with many facets in the large investment business for the country. The rule of thumb that the new finance experts in administration are about to get into is to make sure that the lending capacity of the banks continue and not decline. This works out as a win-win for the borrower and the lender instead of the high interest loans like so with payday loans and the like.

Sticking to the Rhetoric

Since the main criterion during the run up to the final election was providing jobs, this will prove to work twofold. One – that every one desirous of working has a steady job and two – that s/he gets to pay taxes in a simple and straightforward method. Healthcare that is also a driving force for the average family is going to be given a fresh lease of life, as Mr. Trump would like to cut back on Obamacare. A healthcare policy that he believes has taken away considerable savings of the American people. The crux – paying taxes will be easier for individuals who come under the tax bracket.

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