Trump’s wife and Republican divisions

Melania Trump, Donald Trump’s wife, in her maiden political speech on July 19, portrayed her husband and still Republican presidential presumptive nominee, as an unrelenting and compassionate leader who will unify the United States and not divide as popularly thought, if elected to White House. Melania Trump was born in Slovenia and worked as a former model. She is now a jewelry designer. Critics are quick to point out that her speech closely resembled what Michelle Obama, the present First Lady, spoke in 2008. Trump spoke to a cheering Republican National Convention crowd in Cleveland. Donald Trump introduced her to the audience.

Trump as an ideal candidate

Mrs. Trump assured the delegates that if they want a person to fight for them and also for the country, then Donald Trump is the answer. Her remarks were unlike the speeches made by the other speakers, who portrayed the US as a bleak nation filled with insecurity. Speech after speech, he criticized Hillary Clinton, the Democratic presidential candidate, with Republican delegates chanting to put her in jail.

Donald Trump made quite a dramatic appearance, accompanied by the iconic Queen’s 1977 era rock “We Are the Champions” anthem.  Melania Trump’s 15 minute long speech tried to soften the image of the real estate billionaire, whose popular image has been of a bigot. Donald Trump has repeatedly called for the suspension of Muslim immigration and also the deportation of many undocumented immigrants in case he is elected. Trump was also widely criticized for insults made towards journalists, women and political opponents.

Copied speech

A portion of her speech was markedly similar to Michelle Obama’s speech in 2008. An official in the Trump entourage suggested that this similarity was due to an error made by speech writers. Jason Miller, a senior communications adviser to Trump, said that the writing team took due notes of Melania Trump’s inspirations and included fragments which were in line with Mrs. Trump’s thinking.

Hillary Clinton, 68, has accused Donald Trump, 70 of lacking the due temperament and experience required to be the President of the United States. On July 19, Clinton gave a speech to a predominantly African-American audience, where she termed Trump as a person keen to divide the US along religious, ethnic and racial lines.

A number of Republican speakers attacked Clinton’s record while she was Secretary of State in the Obama administration. Many of them put forward the view that the US was made assailable to Islamist militancy under her tenure. 

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