Trump Says His Immigration Speech Was Misunderstood

The Republican Presidential candidate has now blamed critics for ‘misunderstanding’ his speech on immigration. Trump says the enthusiastic crowd was to blame for this. Many supporters of Hispanic origin were greatly disappointed by Donald Trump’s speech which he made just hours after visiting the President of Mexico, Enrique Pena Nieto. Trump had heaped praise on Mexico when meeting Nieto but had backtracked when addressing a crowd in Phoenix on immigration.

Earlier on, Trump had not even brought up the topic of Mexico paying for building the wall that would separate America and Mexico. But later on, when he was at Phoenix, he called the Mexicans violent criminals and a burden to the US government. He assured the crowd that the Mexicans would indeed pay for the border wall. Speaking on The O’Reilly Show, Trump confirmed that he would indeed get rid of all the drug dealers and gang members.

In his speech, Trump has pledged his allegiance towards changing the immigration system in USA completely. He has determined that he will reduce the number of people entering the States. He mentioned steps that will help curb illegal immigration. 


Certain Hispanic leaders had been advising Trump on his Presidential campaign. They are now reportedly feeling betrayed after Trump made his fiery speech on immigration. After Trump ruled out any chance of Mexicans living illegally in the US being given a legal status, these Hispanic supporters expressed their feelings as ‘disappointed’, ‘confused’ and ‘crushed’.

Among the Hispanic supporters was Alfonso Aguilar, the president of the Latino Partnership for Conservative Principles. On Thursday, after Trump’s speech, he declared that he would no longer be supporting the Republican Presidential candidate. Aguilar is positive that the latest immigration speech will affect Trump’s candidacy and he will lose the Presidential election.        

Melanie Trump

In other news, Trump’s wife has sued a British news website for publishing two false statements about her and accusing her of being involved with an escort agency. She also filed a lawsuit against a blogger in Maryland. The lawsuits were filed at the Montgomery County state court in Maryland.

The two defendants named in the lawsuit are the Daily Mail Online and Webster Tarpley who blogs for Melanie Trump has sought a minimum of $75,000 as damages from each defendant. Daily Mail Online had brought up Melanie’s ‘very racy past’ and Tarpley had called her a ‘high end escort’.

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