Trump shows his mellow side

Donald Trump, the presidential nominee from the Republican Party, talked religion and the need for unifying Americans during a speech in Greenville, North Carolina. He also took potshots at Hillary Clinton, his contender for the presidential post from the Democratic Party. The real estate billionaire told a packed audience that there are doubts about whether Clinton is sufficiently trustworthy to hold the highest post of the land. He assured voters that he will fight for all Americans, including the dispossesed at Chicago and Baltimore.

Trump’s vision

Trump was in Cleveland to explain a military preparedness plan when he will request the callback of compulsory defense spending cuts. He will also push for a more armed military. Trump’s campaign explicitly says that there will be considerable increases in spending for new submarines, aircraft, planes and also the training of combat troops. The missile defense systems will also be strengthened. The Republican is slated to criticize the Democrat for her alleged “military adventurism” in her management of Libya during her Secretary of State term.

Trump, enthused by the result of polls showing him catching up with Clinton, outlined through his speeches his plans for the first day of his presidency if elected. He said that he will suspend Syrian refugee resettlement in the United States and repeal Obamacare, President Barack Obama’s healthcare plan. There was also the talk about constructing a wall along the United States, Mexican border.

Interestingly, Trump, known for his distance from religious quotes, actually quoted from the Bible. He did so inside a Detroit located black church on September 3. This was presumably a part of campaign efforts to woo the average African-American voter. He told the assembled gathering what the US could do if its citizens worked as one people.

Democratic comeback

Hillary Clinton, from the Democratic side, reiterated swiftly. She and her running mate for the vice-presidency, Tim Kaine, accused Trump to explain the many bankruptcies and his steadfast refusal to make his tax records public. The former Secretary of State said that Trump clearly has much to hide and one can only guess what he is trying to conceal. Clinton gave her speech in Tampa, Florida.

Kaine also did not hold any punches back in his criticism of Trump. He criticized the Republican candidate’s Russia dealings, the ties between Trump’s campaign advisers to the European country and suggested that Russian hackers could locate the emails from the time Clinton held the position of Secretary of State.

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