Trump Sparks off new Controversy by hinting about ‘tapes’

It appears that President Trump has not had a good week in the White House, although most of the trouble he is facing can be traced back to the man himself. The firing of FBI Director Comey is only the first in what seems to be a series of controversial moves made by the president. Even before the news of the unexpected firing had enough time to settle down, and the resulting uproar was digested by all, the White House staff went into disaster management mode stating that the President had only acted on the Deputy Attorney General. But now, with President Trump’s tweet directed at Comey warning him away from 'leaking to the press' with a mention of possible 'tapes' of conversations between he and Trump.

A well thought out action or an impulse move?

The question that seems to inevitably follow each of the President's actions is: was this a well thought out carefully deliberated move, or rather an act of impulse that had not been considered at all? The latest tweet is yet another example of why the President's actions draw this kind of reaction from the American public, his opposition party members, and at times even his own party members. With this, Trump has raised a huge question now about whether or not White House meetings are being taped. A question that casts a huge shadow on the administration. In an interesting turn of events, press secretary Sean Spicer was, as expected, bombarded with questions regarding the potential taping. He steadfastly refused to deny the charge. This only served to add fuel to the fire that was already spreading.

Trump denies Deputy Attorney General role in the firing.

Making things even more difficult for his White House staff, Trump also went on to say that the firing of FBI Director Comey was a solo decision taken by him and only him. He made it abundantly clear that he had not made the decision on the basis of the Deputy Attorney General's recommendation or advice, but had already decided long ago to fire Comey. Coming right on the heels of White House officials doing their best to make the firing seem like a judicious decision taken after consultation with staff, Trump's emphatic statement that it was his sole decision is directly contradictory, to say the least!

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