Trump suffers another setback with his Travel Ban Strategy

President Trump’s travel ban has not won him any new supporters. In fact, it became the fulcrum for a number of protests and critiques and the trouble just doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon for him on this front. In another significant setback to the Trump presidency, a Hawaiian federal judge has now issued an order that blocks this travel ban. The order holds good across the nation and effectively deals yet another dramatic blow to the president’s bid to keep people from specific foreign countries away from the American soil.

First Seattle, now Hawaii

President Trump’s announcement on a ban on travelers from certain Islamic countries was already effectively halted by a court in Seattle last month where a Federal judge stopped the order from being enforced as planned. Following this, the president gave out a revised travel ban that was aimed at soothing the ruffled court feathers and that eliminated some of the more provocative elements that the original ban had. However, Judge Derrick Watson from the Honolulu Federal District Court made no bones about his feeling that the new ban was just as biased against a ‘particular religion’ as the old one. He has gone on record saying that no reasonable observer can think otherwise and that the new ban continues the purpose of showing disfavor to a particular religion though it is being claimed that it is neutral.

Trump reacts to court decision

In a response that has come to be rather predictable, Mr. Trump has accused the judge of ruling against him for ‘political reasons’. He also said that he might bring back the original ban version. Meanwhile, critics of the travel say that the new version is only slightly better than the original one and it is still clearly a way to ban Muslims from coming into the U.S. The government’s lawyers have insisted that the ban is only an extension of the Obama government’s move to enforce more rigorous screening of travelers coming from specific countries.

It must be noted that Judge Watson was not the only one to hear arguments against the travel ban and its new version. Several other courts also heard similar cases as well with many plaintiffs challenging the order on the basis that it was unconstitutional. However, as of now, Mr. Watson is the only judge who has given his verdict on the issue.

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