Trump Takes Democrats Side with Debt Ceiling Vote

President Donald Trump has made it very evident that he may be the most unpredictable leader the nation has ever seen and his recent move to side with the Democrats on the debt ceiling issue has hammered home this fact. The curious thing is that the Republicans are not happy with the move that will link the debt ceiling increase and the Hurricane Harvey disaster relief measure.

Democrats announce the deal

The deal that has the Republicans seething has now been announced by the triumphant Democrats who outlined it after an $8 billion relief for Hurricane Harvey was approved. The deal has, for now, ensured that the government can continue to function until the end of 2017. This was in doubt after the measure to increase the debt ceilings did not seem to be materializing at all over the past few weeks. Democrat leaders pointed out that they have been as keen as the Republicans to avoid a government shutdown by year end and this deal was a step in the right direction towards this.

Trump ignores advice of own party men

Taking the Democrats' side, President Trump clearly sidelined his own party members as they attempted to advise him on why the deal he was keen to make was not the ideal solution. The President chose to ignore the Congress members' views and also that of the treasury secretary and went ahead with the plan that will now bring about a slew of items that will absolutely need to be cleared before year end. It was to prevent this rush that the Republicans were hoping to keep the disaster relief separate from the debt ceiling issue.

Republicans criticize the deal

In a strange turnabout, President Trump was all praise for the deal that he has just made, saying that the 'deal will be very good'. Meanwhile, his party members had very different views indeed. Several key members of the Republican party including Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell have severely criticized the move to bring in a three-month debt limit. They had called for an 18-month debt limit rise and then settled for a 6-month solution. Both of these failed to go through and later Trump decided to give his support for the Democrats' three-month debt limit hike proposal. The Democrats had already made it clear that they would only support a debt ceiling hurricane relief link if the former could be limited to a three-month period.

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