Trump threatens 8 years of Federal Policy implemented by Barack Obama

According to the constitutional laws of the land, America, which is a federal republic, has the President at the helm, accompanied by the congress and the judiciary. To break it down systemically the President heads the executive branch, congress writes federal laws and the judicial branch implements legalities with the Supreme Court being the highest in the land.

Taking office as the 45th President of the US is Mr. Donald Trump who is expected to work out a variety of strategies to implement a law and order system to appeal to the entire dynamic. There have been considerable concerns with many from the Democratic Party that the abortion law may be repelled giving rise to women who are not desirous of carrying the baby to term in limbo.

There are a many other aspects of the legal system that the new President will be taking under advisement in offering a solution to the majoritarian stakeholder who voted him into office. The plan is to make sure that there is a huge overhaul of the federal tax code. In addition to that, the wall between the United States and Mexico is certainly in the plan. Undocumented workers with a criminal record will be deported back to their country, based on the plan endorsed during the campaign.

Mike Pence, Vice President Elect, and a host of professionals in his executive wing are determined to make America great again without doing away with bilateral relations with other countries. Given the fact, that Trump who is totally an outsider in the realm of politics, there will be something new to look forward to, even if there is some dissent among people who did not vote him into office. At his address, on winning the highest of highs in his career, he thanked his family and established that he was for everyone.

With the federal nature of politics, there have been many upsets in this regard, with many feeling that he may just do away with the eight years of a Democratic rule. The President Elect and President Obama met and both have assured the nation of a smooth transition of power. Federal gun laws are expected to shift under the new President as will Obama care, which they plan on repelling. With lower taxation, the new administration is set to ensure that the common person is not taxed down with major overheads. Foreign policy among nations may change a trifle but all in the entire situation may just be a welcome change.

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