Trump to roll back Obama actions on day one of his Presidency

Sean Spicer, the to-be Press Secretary of the incoming Trump administration has insisted that Donald Trump, the now President-Elect and soon to be President, will repeal a number of outgoing President Obama’s executive actions on the first day itself. He made these comments to a media house on January 1. No details, however, were provided on the list of executive actions that Trump will take back from existing government policy.

Democrat resistance

Democrats are already gearing up to prevent such a move. Bernie Sanders, the Senator from Vermont, along with a number of Democratic Party leaders, requested people to hit the streets during January to protest any pull-back or cuts to subsidies or healthcare plans. In his letter sent to his Congress colleagues, Sanders, along with Charles E.Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, the Senate Minority Leader and House Minority leader respectively, have called for “day of action”. The date for such a move has been fixed to be January 15, a few days prior to Trump taking the presidency. The letter is there to fight any radical proposal by the Republicans.

The letter goes further on to say that there is a possibility that Congress Republican leaders will attempt to realize their threats by pushing a budget bill. The latter will badly undermine the needs of healthcare of people living in the United States.

Repealing Obama actions

Spicer said that Trump will take back a number of regulations which Barack Obama has set in place over the past eight years. He added that these actions are going to be repealed as that have stymied the economic growth of the United States and also failed to create the desired kind and number of jobs. The President-Elect has repeatedly criticized Obama’s stance on foreign policy, immigration and energy regulation. According to the future spokesperson, the new president will import reforms which will rebrand Washington. A part of this rebranding will involve limiting his administration members from becoming lobbyists. Such a restriction will be put on place for a five year period post exiting the government role.

According to Spicer, such restrictions are extremely forward looking. He continued on to say that in earlier administrations, people have looked back. Only during Trump administration, they will think for the future. He added that people will serve the United States-and not the Trump administration.

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