Trump to visit Mexico

Donald Trump, the US Republican candidate, is scheduled to visit Mexico on August 31. The American, ironically, will give a speech against illegal immigration and measures to tackle it after his return. He will give the speech in Arizona. Trump has tweeted of looking forward to having an interaction with Enrique Pena Nieto, the Mexican President. The latter has extended an invitation to both him and Hillary Clinton, the Democratic challenger.

Trump has repeatedly condemned illegal immigrants from Mexico all through his campaign. He has pledged to construct a wall between the two countries if elected. President Pena Nieto has reached out to the real estate billionaire even though the latter has adopted a clear antagonistic attitude when it comes to the neighboring country. Trump, during his campaign speeches, repeatedly said that Mexican immigrants entering the United States illegally are by nature rapists. He also said that the southern neighbor will fund the proposed wall along the border.

Trump has seen his ratings slip since the time of the Republican Party conventions in July. He lags behind Clinton both in key states and also in the national United States. Hillary Clinton, in contrast, has robust support among the minorities. Clinton has been uncommunicative when it comes to visiting Mexico.

Mexicans hate Trump. His proposal to construct a wall has stoked up deep greivances concerning respect and sovereignty which has impeded relations between the two countries for many years.  Speeches made by the Republican Presidential candidate have the content that Mexicans are not friends to the US and accuse the country of economic attacks against the United States.  Trump said that Mexico sends its worst citizens towards the US. A minority among them are good people.

When it comes to Mexican political reactions, the politicians of that country have remained silent. However, there were outbursts, even from President Pena Nieto himself. He had compared Trump to Mussolini and Hitler for the American’s populism and xenophobic remarks. He later, however, made an effort to soften what he said- but he did not take them back.

Trump’s Mexico trip will happen a few hours prior to giving his Arizona speech. He is expected to make his immigration stand clear – one of the important elements of his platform. The campaign has been peppered by mixed signals when it came to sticking to hard-line positions taken at the time of the Republican Primaries, specially on the issue of deportations. 

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