Trump Victory causes panic in Market overnight

Across the world, many of the stocks have tanked because the polls and the results are depicting a Trump victory. Nations wanted continuity so that it would be business as usual in the office, with a change in voice. The stock markets show a clear unhappiness with the results coming in as are many in the Democratic Party who are extremely disillusioned at the turn of events. The slogan of Make America Great Again (by Donald Trump) has been the chant of the campaign. This may cause an upset to China as he has indicated that he may restrict trade between the two countries. This also poses a threat to global economy as global stock markets tanked. Should Donald Trump be the President elect in the most powerful country in the world, it may shake things up a bit.

As polls close, it definitely looks like Trump has definitely played his trump card well. The never say die attitude has made him and his party a force to reckon with. The voters have voted and it looks like it will be the red party in office for the next four years. Due to his divisive views on a variety of subjects, it has been a poser of sorts on the global stage for the financial industries. Given the fact that he does not have the political wherewithal, it may just be a new method of business. However, even as the financial industries look in wonder globally, Donald may have a feather in his cap and increase revenue for both America and the world at large.

Many of the growing nations have increased productivity with the Republican Party running the show and continuity with the Democratic Party. It may not be as worrying as one may think, over the next few months. Let us accept the fact that, if Donald Trump were to run the United States of America with the same way he has been running businesses, this may be a wild card where every nation will flourish. To keep the fires going in his homeland does require bilateral relationships with nations. There is unrest because of a number of comments that he has been making which has been a cause for concern. Since the nation has voted and he may just be the next commander in chief, it is best to believe that he will ensure that global trade flourishes, period.

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