Tudor Investment buys into Alon USA

The fourth quarter of the present financial year witnessed Tudor Investment Corp buying new position in Alon USA Energy shares. Tudor, a known institutional investor, snapped up a total of 13,877 shares. The total value of the Alon USA shares is calculated to be in the region of $158,000.

Other companies

Alon USA saw a lot of action from other institutional investors and hedge funds as well. They have either recently reduced or even added to their existing stakes in the company. A new position in Alon was bought by Dynamic Technology Lab Private Limited. It was also purchased during the fourth quarter. The deal size was about $303,000. Others who bought into the company include the likes of Marshall Wace LLP and FMR LLC with $1,433,000 and $7,643,000 respectively.

A few added to their existing Alon holdings. State Street Corp augmented its position by about 19.2 percent in fourth quarter. The latter now has ownership of 678,046 Alon shares after it bought an extra 109,055 shares during the last quarter. Laurion Capital Management purchased new positions in the Alon USA Energy company in third quarter. It did so after spending $148,000. About 46.67 percent of stock is under the ownership of institutional investors and hedge funds.

Alon USA Energy shares opened 12.09 on March 29. The market capitalization of the stock came to $863.44 million. The 52 week low of Alon USA is $5.86 and the 52 week high is $13.01. The 50 day moving average of the company comes to $11.99. The 200 day moving average turns out to be $10.35.

About Alon USA

Alon USA Energy Inc. is described as an independent marketer and refiner of petroleum products. The company's prime operational area is West, South-west and South-central part of the United States. This company operates via three segments: retail, refining and marketing, and asphalt. Alon's refineries generates petroleum products. This includes different gasoline grades, jet fuel, petrochemical feedstocks, diesel fuel, asphalt and a number of petroleum based products.

Alon USA announced its earnings for the quarter on March 28. The company published $0.20 EPS for this quarter, surpassing the consensus estimates arrived by analysts ($0.32). The net margin of the company is a negative one and calculated to be 3.18 percent. It has provided a negative return of 10.24 percent on its equity. The company clocked up earnings of $509 million during the present quarter, compared to $965.02 million as estimated by analysts.

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