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Twitter to launch cheaper API Platform due to shrinking Ad Business

Twitter Inc. (NYSE: TWTR) had a strong third quarter mainly due to its improved sales team, strengthening its video segment, direct response ads, and its growing data business. Now the company will expand upon its data business and offer its API platform to users at a cheaper cost.

Twitter already offered an API or application programming interface platform to paying users to access additional information about tweets. But there was only a free and enterprise level API platform, and many users complained there was a huge gap between the two.

Twitter is now offering a premium level to that gives more than free users, but less than enterprise level users.

“The new premium APIs bring the reliability and stability of our enterprise APIs to our broader developer ecosystem for the first time. They include a clear upgrade path that scales access and price to fit your needs.” wrote Adam Torres in a blog post.

Twitter will sell the premium API service starting at a low of $149 per month for people that don’t want to pay the full service for thousands of dollars, but costs will increase depending on the amount of requests.

The premium option offers more Tweets per request, higher rate limits, a counts endpoint that returns time-series counts of Tweets, more complex queries, and metadata enrichments, such as expanded URLs and improved profile geo information.

An in between service is something Twitter users been demanding for a long time now, but Twitter has just expanded the segment now. The data business segment accounted for roughly 15 percent of revenue in the third quarter, growing approximately 3.5 percent year over year. As its advertising business continues to decline, which is it’s biggest revenue driver, Twitter turned to its growing data business, according to the Recode.

Along with the premium version of the API service, Twitter offers a new self-serve developer portal to track data usage. It allows users to easily upgrade to more access to the API platform and manage payments.

Twitter launched  the premium service on Tuesday, which is currently available in public beta.