U.N. Global Pact: Preliminary Votes for the End of the World

As the United Nations is the world’s only truly universal global organization, they have the responsibility and duty to make sure this earth is protected and not on the path to destruction, after all, isn’t that why they were established in the first place?

Over the last 30 years there has been many attempts both unsuccessful and successful to protect and restore of planet. The Stockholm Declaration (1972) and the Rio Declaration (1992) addressed some of the major principles environmental law which over time has been agreed on. Although these do have impact, unfortunately they don’t have the legal force in them to back it up. Whereas the new Global Pact for the Environment was made with environmental law included. The reason this is so important is because EVERYONE is effected by environmental change and this will help strengthen the core of the environmental issues, though the environment itself has been making it quite clear of the effects it’s having even if those with money who are less affected immediately by it can’t see it as much.

Preliminary votes for international environmental law under one legally binding treaty will be held later this week at the United Nations General Assembly.  United Nations ambassador Nikki Haley told Fox News that she would not support the pact. “When international bodies attempt to force America into vague environmental commitments, it’s a sure sign that American citizens and businesses will get stuck paying a large bill without getting large benefits. The proposed global compact is not in our interests, and we oppose it,” said Haley.

The pact has French President Emmanuel Macron and U.N. Secretary General Antonio Guterres’ backing along with being sponsored by France at the world body. The want to help put together the “fragmented nature of environmental law” and arrange them into a systematic plan to help solidify the change that needs to happen while making it accessible to all citizens.

A couple weeks after Trump pulled out of the Paris agreement on climate change, the Global Pact first launched, being helped made by a group of 80 legal experts from 40 countries. Then in September Macron put out the goals of the pact at the U.N. saying that this would help “establish rights but also duties for mankind,” then said “I very strongly believe that the world is ready for this and it’s our responsibility.” Guterres also gave commentary on his support, “It is about our duty of care to provide an environment that supports the health, well-being, dignity, and prosperity of everyone on this planet. Let us support this worthy initiative.”

Scepters feel fear for sovereignty on new regulations and costs on businesses. The world is changing and climate change will indefinitely destabilize the planet without help.  If we don’t start making strides in the health of our planet there will soon be more plastic than fish in the seas and biodiversity will keep diminishing faster than its already alarming rate at one thousand times faster than normal.

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