U.S. Defense Secretary stays Quiet on Potential Meeting Between North Korea Leader and Trump

The U.S Defense Secretary Jim Mattis has refused to say anything at all about the Korean peninsula, emphasizing on the importance of handling a potential meeting between President Trump and Kim Jong Un, the leader of North Korea, with the sensitivity that it deserves. Mattis believes that while questions the media has related to North Korea are very valid, it is better if they are addressed by the State Department and the senior members of the White House owing to the fact that it is a diplomatic effort.

The chief of the Pentagon unexpectedly spoke about a meeting with North Korea after Trump accepted an invitation by Kim to meet with him. The North Korean leader has always raised threats to the U.S. and South Korea during his regime.

Why the Defense Secretary has kept mum about the potential meeting

The Defense Secretary stated that when it comes to such a sensitive issue, the chances of misunderstandings are higher because of which he said that he feels any questions related to this potential meeting should be addressed only by the people who are actually involved in it.

The previous week, President Trump had a meeting with Chung Eui Yong, the national security adviser of South Korea. He had been instrumental in acting as the middleman in extending North Korea's invitation to Donald Trump.

The security adviser said that the North Korean leader had promised the nation to temporarily halt weapon programs and to carry on forward diplomatically.

The proposed meeting hopes to alleviate the tension between the U.S., North Korea, and South Korea that has been existing for all these years. The relations between the nations were especially strained when North Korea began testing nuclear bombs and launching ballistic missiles.

It is best to hope that the proposed meeting between Trump and Kim goes well. Any other outcome can possibly lead to a war.

Trump stated that he was not sure about the outcome of the meeting, at a campaign rally. He said that one of two things could happen. Either he would leave within minutes or else, both he and Kim would be sitting down to strike a deal.

Mattis desires to keep diplomacy at the forefront because of which he has refused to comment on the meeting. He is of the opinion that since this issue would be spoken across countries in different languages, it is best to involve only those who are an integral part of the meeting.

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