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UAW to Prepare for Strike against GM

Most people did not anticipate the strike between the UAW and General Motors Company (NYSE: GM) to last this long, but what’s even crazier is that it’s going to last for a longer time! Both parties have accepted and adapted to a long fight for a settlement. General Motors is a profitable company that looks like a safe bet but nowadays it “continues to close U.S. plants and ship manufacturing jobs to other countries as it gears up for a possible economic downturn in the short term, and a massively uncertain transformation of the entire auto industry in the long term.” Analysts say it will take a few more weeks for General Motors to feel a sting financially from this strike meanwhile UAW strike protestor are living on USD 250 a week and have been cut off from company health care. 

Trump has been very critical about General Motors recent motions against this strike. “Trump, who campaigned heavily on bringing manufacturing jobs back to America, has mostly so far just expressed a desire for a speedy resolution to the strike.”

“UAW members, their families, friends and neighbors are peacefully exercising their right to picket in support of the union’s strike for better wages, quality affordable health care and job security,” the union said according to the Detroit Free Press. “We will continue to work with law enforcement as issues arise.”