Uber Expands into Rental and Extra Travel Options

Uber Technologies Inc. is now moving to expand its services as well as adding more travel options for its customers.

The ride-hailing service has been aggressive with new moves. The company announced its acquisition of JUMP, an electric bike rental service, on Monday. Earlier in March, Uber announced its plans to expand its services into medical transportation, as well its competitor, Lyft.

In Uber’s statement, the company said starting on Wednesday, it will expand Uber Bike by JUMP to Washington D.C, providing an environmentally friendly alternative. Users can find and book the bikes through Uber’s application platform.

Uber will launch a new service called Uber Rent powered by Getaround’s technology for instant access. The new service will allow users to rent vehicles through the Uber application. The vehicles can also be shared by other users.

Uber Rent will be available in San Francisco, but will expand nationally once the company feels comfortable with it.

Lastly, Uber announced a partnership with Masabi, a public transit mobile ticketing service. The partnership will allow Uber users to book and use transit tickets in the application. Masabi handles 30 transportation agencies worldwide in major cities such as Los Angeles, New York and London.

The new upgraded and additional services offer users more alternative than its standard ride-hailing service, which can get costly.

Uber has had a long history of confrontations with government regulators across the world. In order to work officials now, the company plans to work Washington D.C.’s departments of transportation and Department of For-Fire vehicles and ShareStreets to facilitate data sharing.

The pilot will launch in D.C. to curb usage across all modes of transportation, which can help cities around the world prepare for a future where users can access transportation through different methods, said Uber.

Uber’s expansion doesn’t just stop at these updates. TechCrunch reported that Dara Khosrowshahi said that he is looking into electric scooters, similar to JUMP.

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