Uber Partners with Walgreens, Simplifying Access to Covid Vaccine

Uber Partners with Walgreens, Simplifying Access to Covid Vaccine

Uber (NYSE: UBER) and Walgreens (NASDAQ: WBA) announced they have partnered up to provide people with transportation to nearby pharmacies so they can receive the Covid-19 vaccine.

“Transportation should never be a barrier to health care,” said Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi in a release. “We look forward to building on this exciting new partnership with Walgreens, harnessing the power of the Uber platform to help connect more people with vaccines, as we all work together to help end this pandemic.”

According to the companies, Uber will offer free rides to people that book an appointment at Walgreens and live in underprivileged areas. Uber is working with charitable partners like the National Urban League, to aid in matching the company with people who need the ride. 

The pilot program will commence in Chicago, Atlanta, Houston and El Paso, Texas, before expanding to other cities. A Walgreens spokeswoman revealed that rides would be available starting next week in Atlanta.

Uber had pledged to donate 10 million free or discounted rides as a means of aiding in the fight against Covid-19. The partnership with Walgreens is part of fulfilling that promise.

The Biden administration is set to dispatch direct shipments of 6,500 doses to retail stores nationwide. Furthermore, it has plans to broaden the program to 40,000 pharmacies.

Both companies plan to continue their partnership in other areas as well. Uber revealed it will create in-app features which will make it easier for Uber/delivery drivers and freight workers to schedule their vaccines appointment once they become available to the general public. Uber and Walgreens are also working with the National Urban League to decrease vaccine reluctance.