Uber’s Fees will jump if License in London is Renewed

Uber will be facing a huge increase in the fee they pay to operate in London, totaling to 2.9 million pounds if they are granted a new license by the city’s transport authority. Companies with more than 10,000 vehicles would have to pay 2.9 million pounds for a license under a new multi tiered system that will be introduced this week.

The company paid less than 3,000 pounds for a five-year license in 2012 to operate in London which was then extended in May by four months due to finalizing the new fees system. In London, the company has about 40,000 drivers and a decision on the license is to due by the end of September. The amount of private hire drivers in that city has almost doubled from 65,000 to 116,000 in 2013/2014.

However, the company has faced many protests from drivers over criticism of working conditions. Uber’s license was asked to not be renewed in a letter from several British lawmakers claiming it to be not a fit and proper operator and also criticized the company’s record on safety and working rights. A petition with 100,000 signatures was handed into call on Uber to improve workers’ rights ahead of the license decision.

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