UberEats Food Delivery Service Continues to Grow

According to Business Insider, in 19 European cities, UberEats has topped Uber’s transportation app, making it among the world’s fastest growing food delivery services. The business operates in more than 30 countries with billions of dollars raised from investors. UberEats has partnered with over 8,000 restaurants in the UK, being one of the largest markets to partner with chains such as McDonald’s, Pret and Prezzo, and Duck and Waffle Local. Business in cities like Milan, Madrid, and Grenoble, France has more than doubled in size since first launched and is looking to target #4 billion in sales by the end of the year. UberEats’ turnover for the second quarter reached from $700 million to $870 million white Uber’s total gross bookings totaled to only $8.7 billion.

The company plans to set up their very own kitchens and leasing them out to busy restaurants that need more space to handle takeaway orders. They strive to be separate from the ride hailing app and focus more on the customer experience for food.

“When we attribute our growth and try to improve our service, the first thing that plays a big role is the restaurant selection we’re able to provide,” Toussaint Wattinne, an UberEats general manager said to Business Insider.

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