UK Envoy Warns that Trump may Kill Brexit Trade Agreement Prospect

There is no denying the fact that the relationship between US President Donald Trump and Britain is deteriorating. This, in turn, is killing all hopes of the cabinet with regards to a quick post-Brexit trade agreement with America.

Sir Nigel Sheinwald, who earlier served as the UK ambassador to D.C., says that several controversial interventions of the American president in various British matters means that the slight chance of a swift transatlantic deal, led by cabinet members who are in favor of the Brexit, might be lost for good.

Trump doesn’t have too many fans in the UK

A recent poll highlighted the opposition of the British public to Trump after he canceled his visit to the United Kingdom. Less than 18 percent of the voters believed that Trump was an ally of Britain.

Nearly 72 percent of the voters (about three quarters) also believed that Trump is a threat to global stability (Opinium poll in the Observer). At the same time, about 71 percent of the voters do not think that he is trustworthy. Nearly 2 in every 5 voters also feel the US president should avoid visiting the UK completely.

The relationship between the US and the UK has suffered multiple blows since the time Theresa May visited Trump in early 2017. President Trump has lost quite a bit of respect for his actions such as attacking Sadiq Khan, the mayor of London, re-tweeting posts of a far-right group in the UK, and publicly turning on May because she was critical of his comments.

No magical deal with the US

Last week, Trump went on Twitter to say that he was canceling his trip to launch the new Vauxhall US embassy since he was not in favor of shifting it to an “unsuitable location”. Though he put the blame on the Obama office, this agreement was actually signed when George W Bush was the President. In a major intervention, the embassy of the United States itself decided to release a comprehensive statement to correct the President.

Sheinwald says that it is obvious that the US President’s attitude towards Britain has changed dramatically in the last one year. This means that it would be smart not to assume that when the UK leaves the European Union, a magical agreement with America would help resolve all industrial and trade problems of the country.

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