UK government gearing up for Brexit talks


The UK is all set to take its stance on Brexit ahead by bringing out its negotiating position. This move comes after two of the ministers came to some kind of agreement about the transition period to be secured post the exit from the European Union. A total of three papers are to be issued and they will be published before the next round of talks commence. August 28th is the date that has been finalized for the talks and the venue is in Brussels.

What will the outlines focus upon?

The papers that will be published before the August 28th deadline are expected to focus on North Ireland and its border with Ireland. Apart from this basic issue, the documents will also touch upon the details of how goods availability will be sustained, how access will be arranged to official documents once the exit is in place. In effect, these documents are being touted as a means for the UK government o prove that it is willing and keen to progress with talks and take the Brexit processes to the next stage.

Concerns about Brexit deadlines being met continue

Brexit negotiations are not happening the way the UK would like things to progress. This has given rise to much doubt about whether the exit from EU will actually take place in March 2019 as announced. Michel Barnier, chief negotiator of the EU has already made it clear that the slow progress could prevent the fructification of any deals before October summit bloc. This will include key trading agreements including the free trade deal apart from other such deals that will kick in post- Brexit. If these are not finalized by the October bloc, the Brexit program may need to be postponed.

Govt. seeks to put up unified front

In a bid to put an end to rumors about the opposing views of ministers, the UK government is trying to present that it has a unified front on the Brexit issue. Two of the cabinet ministers who were believed to have contrasting views on maintaining business relations after Brexit stated in Sunday telegraph article that they were both clear that Britain will not be 'party to EU treaties' post-Brexit. While this cellars up some of the confusion in this matter, all is not yet clear here and there are many reasons to believe that the March 2019 deadline may come and go without Brexit.

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