UK Labor Leader Jeremy Corbyn Unveils New Members of Shadow Cabinet Team

Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn is a troubled man these days. He is having to douse a lot of flames in the Labor party over the results of the referendum and over his handling of the Brexit referendum that saw the Leave faction gain a slender lead over the Remain faction. The Labor party, under the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn had thrown its weight on the side of the Remain faction but they lost.

12 members of Jeremy Corbyn’s shadow cabinet and 5 shadow ministers have resigned, expressing loss of confidence in Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership of the party. On his part, Corbyn said that he regrets the resignations but he has promised to stand in any new election to choose the leader of the party, if and when they are held.

Corbyn puts his loyalists in empty posts

Mr. Corbyn moved quickly to stem the damage from the resignations. He quickly appointed replacements for the places vacated by the shadow secretaries and ministers who resigned earlier. Emily Thornberry, who reiterated her confidence in Mr. Corbyn’s leadership of the party was moved to shadow foreign secretary, from shadow defense secretary. The place was vacated by Mr. Hilary Benn, who was sacked by Mr. Corbybn for openly defying him.

Likewise, Dianne Abbot has replaced Heidi Alexander as shadow health secretary. Others who have resigned are Diane Johnson, shadow foreign minister, Anna Turley, shadow civil society minister, Toby Perkins, shadow defense minister, Wayne David, shadow cabinet office, Scotland and justice minister and Yvonne Fovargue, shadow consumer affairs and science minister.

Motion of no confidence submitted against Corbyn

Labor MPs, Anne Coffey and Dame Margaret Hodge have submitted a motion of confidence against Mr. Corbyn, with a secret ballot vote scheduled for Tuesday. But Mr. Corbyn seems unfazed. He said that if and when new elections are held, he will stand for leadership again.

He said, he was elected the leader for party with a huge mandate because he had promised a different kind of politics. He was not going to betray the confidence of the millions who had voted for him and who needed the Labor party to represent them.

Interestingly, the trigger for the resignations was the sacking of the shadow foreign secretary, Mr. Hilary Benn. Mr. Benn said that he called Mr. Corbyn to tell him that he had lost confidence in him and he was summarily sacked. Some Labor MPs have said that sacking Mr. Benn will worsen Mr. Corbyn’s position in the party. But Mr. Corbyn was left with no choice. He was faced with open revolt and he had to take action otherwise he would have looked weak.

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