UK’s Theresa May Speaks On Trade in India

United Kingdom Prime Minister Theresa May visited India discussing potential future trade policies. The Prime Minister indicated that she and Great Britain are passionate advocates for free trade around the world, and support a strong vision of a globalized economy. A brave political statement coming at a time when so many are skeptical of the benefits of globalization. 
“Free trade creates a rising tide that lifts all boats… It makes us all richer. It creates jobs.” Said Theresa May. “It is why as Britain leaves the European Union, we are determined not to turn our backs on the world, but to forge a new outward looking role for ourselves.” She added.  
Another issue that was discussed between Theresa May and Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi is immigration policies between the two countries.  “The U.K. will consider further improvements to our visa offer if at the same time we can step up the speed and volume of returns of Indians with no right to remain in the U.K.,” she said.
Narendra Modi explained his stand on the issue, saying “We must therefore encourage greater mobility and participation of young people in education and research opportunities.”

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