UK Urges China to Contain North Korea

Theresa May, the Prime Minister of Britain, has asked China to use its leverage over North Korea so that the latter limits its missile programs. The United Kingdom is trying to cajole the People's Republic of China to impose tougher sanctions on the wayward Asian country. May minced no words as she told the press in Tokyo that Beijing must match its condemnation of Pyongyang with actual actions.

Pyongyang missile

The UK has given its support to international action to ban North Korean oil exports to China. This can be achieved if the sanctions already in place are widened. The international community has already banned the import of North Korean coal, lead, and iron imports. These urging by the UK happened as a result of North Korea shooting an ICBM over Japan's northern territories. China is at present the country's largest trading partner. It is considered as an ally of the Pyongyang-based regime.

May has earlier said that China was an extremely important ally when it comes to squeezing North Korea, said that action was needed in such cases. Shinzo Abe, the Japanese Prime Minister, was beside her at that time. The UK PM said that words of condemnation are not enough. It must be matched with action. Beijing, she reminded the audience, has an influential position in such an outcome. The PM said that Beijing has leverage over North Korea and the former must make sure that Pyongyang desists from doing such international acts again. If this is done, the safety and security of nations in the immediate Asian region will be guaranteed.

Global ramifications

Shinzo Abe, the Japanese Prime Minister, said that the United Kingdom has its own reasons to counter such a serious threat from North Korea. He said that the ramifications of a belligerent state go much beyond supporting Japan. He said that the North Korean ICBMs pose a threat not only to Asian countries but also to countries present in Europe.

A nationalist Chinese tabloid, the Global Times, noted on August 31 that May belonged to the Conservative Party and mentioned that her party has lost its parliamentary majority. The report said that May is thus a vulnerable PM and weak people search for opportunities to exhibit their strength. The newspaper, which sometimes reflects Beijing's views, said that May's posturing appears similar to tactics employed by the United States.

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