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Ukraine Resolution to be placed on the UN Security Council Vote

UN, Russia, Ukraine, Malaysia AirlinesThe downing of the Malaysian airline in Ukraine is scheduled to be condemned by UN Security Council in the near future. It will demand that the individuals or the group responsible for such a heinous act must be accountable. The Security Council may also insist that the armed group should not compromise the integrity of the crash site.

Drafting the resolution document

Even as Russia was deep in negotiations with 15 other council members on an Australian-drafted resolution, it was still unclear whether it would be in step with the document’s final version. Incidentally, Australia lost 28 of its citizens.

Council members, in their apparent effort for a compromise with the Russians, made a few changes in the report describing the incident as “downing” of Malaysia Airlines flight. The previous versions had the words “shooting down”. The flight had 298 passengers when it went down.

Ukraine and Russia

Ukraine, along with Western nations – who are its allies – accuse Russia of supporting a pro-Russian insurgency, which endangers the integrity of the former Soviet Republic. Russia denies the allegation and says that attempts by Ukraine to end the deadlock by using its military are making situation worse on the ground.

Moscow has repeatedly denied its role in shooting the airliner and blamed Ukrainian military for the turn of events. John Kerry, the US Secretary of State, has placed comprehensive accusations on Russia of supplying insurgents with high technology anti-aircraft weapons, which were utilized to bring down the commercial flight. 

Russian response

Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia has requested the pro-Russian rebels fighting in the east of Ukraine to cooperate. President Putin has also said the international investigation should come with an open, unbiased mind.

The draft prepared for the UN resolution states that the entities responsible for such an incident must be held accountable. All the countries must cooperate completely to establish due accountability. It calls on all the countries to fully cooperate when it comes to the incident’s investigation by an international body. The resolution of the draft expresses due concern at reports relating to restricted and inadequate crash site access.

According to diplomats, Julie Bishop, the Foreign Minister of Australia and Frans Timmermans, the Foreign Minister of Netherlands are scheduled to visit the United Nations for the resolution vote. Netherlands lost all its 189 citizens on the flight between Amsterdam and Kuala Lumpur.