UN reaffirms that torture is illegal regarding Donald Trump’s stance on Torture

The United Nations has reaffirmed that torture is illegal and that refugees deserve protection. Human rights groups have criticized Trump’s stance on torture and have warned the POTUS about restoring a CIA detention program for interrogating terror suspects.

Rupert Colville, U.N. human rights spokesman said, “International human rights law is clear on the absolute prohibition on torture.”

UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency is alarmed by Trump’s moves to restrict refugees. The POTUS is expected to sign an executive order that would permit a temporary ban on all refugees, as well as a suspension of visa for citizens of Syria and six other Middle Eastern/African countries. “Of course UNHCR believes that refugees should be offered assistance, protection, opportunities for resettlement, regardless of their race, religion or ethnicity,” spokeswoman of the UNHCR, Vannina Maestracci said.

During the election, Trump has denounced Obama for his decision to increase the number of Syrian refugees admitted into the United States, fearing that some refugees that flee may carry out attacks within the U.S. Between October 2016 to the end of the year 25,000 refugees were resettled within the United States.

U.S. federal government agencies aid in extensive background checks, Maestracci stated. “I think it’s fair to say that refugees coming into the United States to be resettled are some of the most vetted individuals entering the United States,” she said.

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