UN Refugee Head Says Trump Order Increase Refugee Anguish

Filippo Grandi, the head of UNHCR says the new executive order issued by Trump to restrict citizens of six predominantly Muslim countries to the United States may increase their pain. He continued on to say that the Geneva-headquartered organization is interested in continue its partnership with the US. Incidentally, the United States contributes the maximum money to the UN agency.

US the biggest contributor to UN funding

Grandi said that people fleeing lethal violence must be protected. He said that the latest US decision will be against the interest of refugees. This is important as a number of agencies under the United Nations banner like the office of UNHCR and International Organization for Migration, among many primarily receives funding from the United States. He underlined the major role the United States play in the resettlement of refugees.

Not all are sitting quietly. Maura Healey, Massachusetts Attorney General, said that she will consider all the legal options when it comes to revoking the travel ban imposed by the Trump administration. She is a Democrat and joined a number of other attorney generals to make a lawsuit which blocked the first order. The second ban temporarily paralyzed the US refugee program.

Unconstitutional ban

She termed the new ban a “misguided” one, describing it as a blatant attempt to restart the previously failed ban. She also mentioned that the ban was a response to fulfill an unconstitutional and discriminatory promise made during the presidential campaign. Maura is not the sole Democrat from Massachusetts who has criticized the second and revised order. Senator Edward Markey has termed the ban a discriminatory one. He said that these kinds of actions serve as terrorists’ “recruitment tools”. Seth Moulton, another congressman, has said that the ban targets men, children and women fleeing unstable conditions. Martin Walsh, the Mayor of Boston, has said that the city will support its immigrant community.

The attorney general of Virginia said that the revised travel ban created by the Trump administration amounts to a confession that the first ban was inherently unacceptable as per the constitution. Mark Herring, a Democrat, is one of many attorney generals who have taken legal action to outlaw the ban. His office is reviewing the legal response. He said that the second order, although milder than the first one, continues to generate revulsion across the world. Similar action has been taken by American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). It is trying for a quick response to stop the new ban from being implemented.

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