Uncertainty looms over the fate of politics in North Carolina

Governor Pat McCrory Refuses to Concede Defeat Alleging a Voter Fraud

GOP candidate and incumbent governor of North Carolina has alleged a massive voter fraud in the just concluded election where votes have already been cast and the result has been declared although there is still no clarity on who will be the governor. His main opponent Attorney General of the state Roy Cooper has already claimed victory and is going around town, calling himself the governor-elect.

Roy Cooper has already assembled a transition team in anticipation of being sworn in at a formal swearing-in ceremony as the next governor of North Carolina on January 7th, 2016. Pat McCrory has asked the state election board for a recount of the cast votes. He alleges that in some counties, people voted on behalf of the deceased, felons, those living outside the state and expatriates and some were forced to vote in absentia.

He challenges his rival’s slim winning margin of 7716 votes out of 4.5 million ballots cast and some experts speculate unfolding of a grim future for the state in case the limbo prolongs and some have cast aspersions on McCrory saying that he plans to win the election by hook or crook because even recounting won’t help him win. It could simply reduce the margin by a few hundred votes by a liberal estimate. Some sees a deeper design in McCrory’s allegations than what meets the eye.

Pat McCrony’s secret plans

McCrory had filed complaints in 50 counties in the state at the beginning of this month and had threatened to file more on a rolling basis. He has also repeatedly entreated the State Election Board to assume jurisdiction in the counties in which he has alleged a massive voter fraud, effectively allowing them to invalidate the election results declared thus far in these counties. However, the results haven’t been finalized in some counties against which fraud has been leveled and hence the state election board has refused to assume jurisdiction.

Once the election is officially over and the margin of win is less than 10000, a state board can order a recount if possibilities of fraud or use of unfair means to win are established. McCrony is trying to use this law to his advantage.

Ironically, the state election board and most of the county boards in North Carolina are controlled by the Republicans, Pat McCrony’s own party and he is in effect questioning their integrity.

However, some sense that the demand for vote recount is only a cover for a machinating scheme. McCrony simply wants to establish fraud and delegitimize the election in which case, it would be referred to the State General Assembly, currently controlled by the Republicans. In case any discrepancy is detected or there are doubts about the fairness of the election, the general assembly can determine the winner.

It remains to be seen if the status quo continues or if there is a change of fortune for Pat McCrony. Meanwhile, Cooper’s camp seems confident and remains unaffected by the allegations.    

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