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Universal Admedia Wins Top Prizes at 2021 Muse Awards

Universal Admedia earned 3 Gold awards and 1 Platinum award for website design, podcast production, and a ground-breaking public mental health and wellness campaign focused on New York’s COVID recovery in the 2021 MUSE Creative Awards and MUSE Design Awards, an international competition that received nearly 4,000 global entries showcasing creative and design excellence from across the world.

Universal Admedia was internationally recognized by MUSE with the following awards:

  • Gold 1: Growing Cities (podcast production and website design):

    Summary: Q: How do you ignite diverse interest in a New York City real estate entrepreneur during a pandemic and a climate crisis? A: Produce a bilingual podcast on sustainable growth in cities. https://www.growingcitiespodcast.com/
  • Gold 2: “Are You OK?” (website design):

    Summary: Combining transformational technology and creativity, The Healing List gives New Yorkers and health professionals a critical platform to connect, cope, and heal in 2021 and beyond. https://www.areyounotok.me/
  • Gold 3: “Are You OK?” (campaign):

    Summary: New Yorkers are tough but asking for help is even tougher. The Healing List Podcast hears your pain and is contributing to the recovery New York desperately needs. https://www.instagram.com/thehealinglist/
  • Platinum 1: VMCASA (website):

    Summary: The global pandemic hit New York’s real estate industry hard, but one firm stood out thanks to the sophisticated design and a diversified strategy.


Nii Addo, Executive Producer and founder of Universal Admedia, issued the following statement in thanking the MUSE Awards for their recognition:

“On behalf of Universal Admedia, I would like to thank the MUSE Creative Awards for their recognition, our client brands for our trusted partnerships, our excellent creative team for their award-winning work. Universal Admedia’s all-virtual team has seamlessly executed global campaigns since 2007. This experience ensured interrupted success for our clients in a pandemic year and, further, put us in position to help. Universal Admedia’s work is proof that word-class design and creative excellence does more than just transform businesses and personal brands, it can save lives.”

If you are a business, organization, or entrepreneur looking to redefine your personal brand, discover new opportunities, or achieve the next level of development, please contact Nii Addo, Executive Producer, at nii@universaladmedia.com.

About Universal Admedia:

Founded in 2007, Universal Admedia is an award-winning branding, design, and activation agency redefining the art of the personal brand.

Universal Admedia empowers authentic brands to make a global impact with world-class design and creative excellence.

As leaders in the new digital-first environment, Universal Admedia’s heritage of virtual collaboration has enabled us to engage top talent around the world to seamlessly execute ground-breaking global campaigns.

Reach out and connect with Universal Admedia to discuss changing the conversation around your personal or corporate brand.

Our offices are in: New York, NY; Honolulu, HI; Chicago, IL; Bangkok, Thailand; Freetown, Sierra Leone; and Accra, Ghana.

About The MUSE Awards:

The MUSE Awards are a series of international competitions hosted by the International Awards Associate (IAA) promoting excellence among professionals from various industries.

IAA ensures impartiality and strict assessment criteria by setting up a jury made up of industry professionals who exhibit high standards of excellence. In turn, the jury selects a new wave of excellent individuals or organizations who will likely set new benchmarks in their fields.

A total of 44 jurors, representing 23 countries and leading companies from the creative and digital industries, evaluated each entry using standards found in their respective industries. To ensure impartiality, blind judging is exercised, and jurors are only able to assess each entry purely on its own merits. This year’s competition received a total of 3,942 entries.


Nii Addo


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