Upcoming 5th Annual International Cannabis Business Conference Set to Kick Off in San Francisco

The 5th Annual International Cannabis Business Conference San Francisco kicks off February 7-8. Attendees of the premier networking event will be armed with information about doing cannabis business in California as well as enabled to network with the top companies and agencies in today’s marketplace. The ICBC strives to combine all aspects of cannabis culture into its entertaining event.

Key speakers include the event’s CEO, Alex Rogers, who will begin the day with a conference overview. He will be followed by panels of expert individuals who will speak on regulations surrounding California’s cannabis industry as well as discuss news regarding the outlook on federal cannabis policy reform. Alex Traverso, of the California Bureau of Cannabis Control, and Neal Levine, CEO and Co-founder of the Cannabis Trade Federation, will weigh in on the subjects.

Topics of the day will also include investment as well as cannabis in the capital markets. A panel of leading private and public fund CEOs, including Scott Van Rixel and Erin Gore, will dive into the current investor landscape. Stockhouse.com will moderate a panel discussion with industry professionals who will share their knowledge and experiences on all aspects of going public.

Distribution, tech in the cannabis industry, and strategic partnerships will also be topics discussed among panels of founders and CEO’s in the cannabis industry.

  1. Steve Owl 7 months ago

    I’m interested in learning the future direction of cannabis

  2. Zia Marcus 7 months ago

    how will law enforcement treat those under the influence of cannabis and possession penalties?

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