Upcoming Election leads to Market uncertainty

The Presidential election is heating up across America. With November 8, 2016, around the corner, both the Republicans and the Democrats are gearing up to make sure that they make the most out of the time left. This has left many investors wondering about the prevailing market conditions and volatility. Based on diverse polls see Clinton leading with Trump trailing behind and then some stating that they are neck-to-neck, the financial services industries are in a tizzy about the stock markets. The rise in crude prices of oil has also been a cause for concern for the government who are making sure that they tackle the situation effectively. With stocks falling at a crazed low in the European belt as well as some of the Asian regions, it is a cause for concern as to who will settle the lows – whether it will be a Democratic win or a Republican one.

Many international stars are making their presence felt by endorsing Hillary thereby encouraging their followers and fans to do the right thing. Trump too is getting his act in order to ensure that his opponent does not win, period. The local buzz that is doing the rounds is that tax breaks will definitely help the average family as well as the big corporate giants. With investors shying away from big risks, the investments on gold has seen a relative surge, which is a bolster to the economy. An increase in gasoline taxes is due to be effective in the year 2018, which is expected to improve the state of the nation.

The Federal Reserve taxes have not been increased for the moment is due to be hiked in the month of December 2016. From the point of view of the people of the country, it is essential to bolster the economy and ensure a rise in jobs. Given the fact that the two contenders for the role of POTUS who have great ideas in their kitty, there will be a spurt of job opportunities for sure. The problem at present in the corporate sector is that many of the big guns have not been able to spring a surprise. This is a relative cause for concern both within the country as well as on a global footing. 

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