UPS to Hire 95,000 Employees for Holiday Season

UPS (NYSE: UPS) announced that they are expected to hire about 95,000 seasonal workers for the upcoming holiday season. November through January package volume is predicted to increase starting from Black Friday where employees will help support a large wave of returns. Since 2014, the company’s seasonal workers number has not changed and has about 355,000 permanent employees in the U.S. Up to 35% of seasonally hired workers over the past three years have become full time employees.

Since 2013 and 2014, UPS has been struggling with deliveries and they have been working closely with retailers to manage the increase in demand during the holiday season. Last year, the company’s average daily volume during the holidays exceeded 30 million packages which topped normal daily average of more than 19 million. UPS has been spending billions of dollars to upgrade their network to handle rising e commerce package volumes. As a result, surcharges on U.S. residential packages during the holiday season would be added on.

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