US Political views on Russia

The year 2016 is noted being filled with crude political discourse. The two contenders for the United States presidency are regarded as evils and one has to choose the lesser evil among the two. Among Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, the former gets the most flak- and for good reason. The Republican is now known for his racist, sexist and anti-Muslim abuse. Clinton, in contrast, gets a near free pass, and sometimes even accolades. She has made multiple verbal assaults on President Vladimir Putin of Russia and against the Russian Government under his command.

Blame the Russians

For the United States, being anti-Russian is not new. The McCarthy era witnessed virulent anti-Russian propaganda being dished out with a vengeance. There were reports about Russians hiding everywhere- including under normal, innocent Americans’ beds. They also lurked inside every email, website and computer. Modern times did not change much. There are allegations that Russia is behind everything- from BREXIT, Spain and Greece. Ironically, the media did not focus on more pressing issues like US citizens being spied upon by their own governments and a number of other moral transgressions which were presented in the movie “Snowden”. The film was crafted by director Oliver Stone.

Clinton herself cannot be described as a nice person. Her track record in the Middle East can only be described as a deadly one. Her compassion for human rights concerns and children does not mask her criminal record for destruction of Libya. She has supported a number of repressive Arab dictators and backed unconstitutional coups in South American countries like Honduras. She has also threatened Russia with dire action if the latter did not toe the US line. Netanyahu is regarded as a favorite among all foreign statesmen. In contrast, Trump for all his faults, can be regarded as more pragmatic and less of a neoconservative concerning American adventures in Middle East. The Republican simply wants the oil and has no interest in toppling governments.

Clinton Foundation

The Clinton Foundation has its base built on generous payoffs of millions of dollars from substantial financiers. This list includes feudal governments like the one in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Oman.

Clinton is worried about the extreme right wingers of American foreign policy. They are trying to start a US-Russia war in Syria. Every bombardment there is blamed on Russia-even if no such proof exists. Journalistic ethics are also intentionally forgotten by the media when reporting from such conflict zones.

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