US State Dept. Makes Official Statement to Support Ukraine

US State Department to supply powerful weapons to Ukraine to end the separatist movement

The US State Department made an official statement that they will be supporting Ukraine. The Trump administration has given the US State Department green light to go ahead and supply lethal weapons to Ukraine. Ever since 2014, the Ukraine government has been fighting against the separatists, who are backed by Russia. Since that time, over 10,000 people have lost their lives as a result of the unrest.

As the officials behind the plan didn’t have the authorization to discuss what was going on, they spoke about it anonymously. According to sources, the US State Department is going to give Ukraine their anti-tank missiles. However, the US State Department hasn’t gone into the depth of their plan.

Heather Nauert, their spokeswoman, said that the United States of America is going to enhance the defensive capabilities of the country so that it can put an end to ongoing aggression.

Earlier, the US helped Ukraine out by providing them with support training and equipment. On top of that, they also allowed private companies to sell their arms to Ukraine.

Relationship between US and Russia to get affected

The relationship between US and Russia is going to be tense as Kremlin is against this move. According to the Trump administration, the President has had plans to help out Ukraine for quite some time. They also said that Barack Obama had made a consideration to assist Ukraine by supplying them with powerful weapons.

Even though the American-made javelin missiles have the power to kill, most of the people from the US government believe that Ukraine will use it to defend their territory, rather than attack their neighbors. However, the Russian government thinks otherwise because they believe that the United States of America has other motives.

According to the American law, if the State Department has plans to sell their weapons to foreign countries, the Congress must review the decision before they can go ahead with their plan.

Even if the politicians have the power to block this move, they are likely to let it pass as both parties (Republicans and Democrats) have been asking the government to take a step in the right direction.

John McCain, the Republican senator, was in favor of the small arms sale that took place earlier.

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