Venezuela Boils as Opposition holds Marches


Marches were held by both opposition and government supporters on October 26 post the suspension of recall referendum against the sitting Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro. The largest protests took place in the capital Caracas, with a number of protests spread all across the South American nation. The audiences of both marches were given a speech by respective leaders of the opposition party Democratic Unity Roundtable and ruling United Socialist Party of Venezuela.

Opposition demands

The Democratic Unity Roundtable party had collected signatures from about one percent of electorate in May. This can be construed as one of the primary steps required for the referendum. The opposition party was all set to begin a operation lasting three days-starting from October 26 and ending on October 28- to collect signatures from approximately 20 percent of total electorate. This step would start the recall referendum for the Maduro government. Courts in Aragua, Bolivar, Carabobo and Apure- five states in total- however said that the previous stage was riddled with irregularities and thus negatively affected the referendum process.

All five states said that many identity theft cases have been discovered among the submitted signatures. This forced the suspension of this process by CNE. As a response, Jesus Torrealba, the Executive Secretary of the Democratic Roundtable Party, announced that the party will call for all country general strike. This strike is scheduled to be held on October 28. It will begin at six in the morning and continue until six in the evening. On October 25, the opposition party announced of its intention to start a political trial. It summoned President Maduro to appear on November 1 at National Assembly.

Maduro response

President Maduro told demonstrators who had assembled outside the presidential palace that he was open to talk to opposition leaders do that peace can be maintained. He alleged that although the government wants dialogue and stability, the opposition does not. He further added that his opponents prefer a coup and a foreign intervention. He warned that there will be neither in Venezuela.

Maduro denounced his right wing opponents and activated Defense Council. The objective of the latter was to seek solutions to the crisis in Venezuela. The president asked the opposition to leave their ideology of intolerance and hate. Opposition Democratic Unity Roundtable supporters have rebuked the decision made by National Electoral Council or the CNE. The council has suspended the process of recall referendum. They said that the process favored the ruling Maduro administration.

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