Verizon may outbid AT&T to acquire Straight Path Communications

Straight Path Communications Inc. (NYSEMKT: STRP) would be considered a war path between AT&T and Verizon whom of which appears to want to battle it out over the victory of claiming the accusations of Straight Path Communications. Considering that Straight Path has already received approval federal approval for their ability to bring 5G to wireless services, which means that your mobile devices can have the fastest internet speeds and stream video even blazingly faster than ever before! 

During early trade day Monday, April 17, 2017, Straight Path Communications seen gains upwards of 17% and the market price increased over 300% YTD, Year to Date, based on the recent news, Investors are taking front seats to the battle of the two communications juggernauts and look to reap the rewards of the ride interim. With 11.07M shares currently in the market, and $1.6 Billion in bidding alone, the ride would surely be an interesting one!

Straight Path Communications is a communications asset company such as the licenses for mobile and fixed 5G networks such as Spectrum and intellectual property (IP). They engage in developing wireless technology. Their principle business is the acquisition, development, licensing and the protection of intellectual property specifically related to communications over the internet.

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