Vermont Senator Calls for Government-Funded Medical Insurance in All States

The Republicans' bid to get rid of the Affordable Care Act has not yet been successful and their numerous attempts at bringing in a new healthcare act to replace it have failed, so far. However, the repeated attempts have ensured that the topic of health insurance is one that is under the spotlight for sure. It is now the Vermont Senator's turn to make his views felt on medical insurance and he has said that a government-funded medical insurance should be available across the states.

Senator roots for 'Medicare-type option'

The Senator went on to explain that a 'Medicare-type' public option should be available for people who do not want to or cannot take the private insurance options that are open to them. The stance of the Senator is perfectly in line with his strong belief for a universal coverage. He also reiterated that he will be going ahead with the proposal to bring in single payer legislation. If the Senator succeeds, he would usher in a system where the government foots the bill for health care for all Americans. He further explained that as a part of the move to bring this proposal to the forefront and make it succeed, his team has been working on making healthcare a right for all, irrespective of how much they earn.

Hints at 'entrenched interests' holding out against his proposal

Senator Sanders also made it clear that he was quite aware how big a challenge it would be to bring in such a massive change in terms of healthcare. He described it as a politically difficult move but also mentioned that it was not just the Republicans that he would be fighting against to bring his proposal to the implementation level. He hinted that some 'entrenched interests' were trying very hard to keep his proposal out of the limelight it deserved. Elucidating further, he said that it was these 'entrenched interests' that had prevented the attempt to establish a single-payer program in Vermont from succeeding.

He went on to say that these 'entrenched interests' included Wall Street companies, pharma companies, and insurance providers- who all stand to face a loss if the single payer scheme is implemented. Pointing out that these entities will lose out a big chunk of their profits if his proposal is accepted, he urged the public to get involved in the struggle to strengthen his position.

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