Vinergy Resources Ltd./MJ Biopharma (CSE: VIN.CN) Appoints Scientific Advisory Board Chair to Engage Clinical Testing of Cannabinoids for Therapeutics

Vinergy Resources Ltd. (CSE: VIN.CN) will shift operations.  The company is in process of changing their business model from the acquisitions, exploration and development of oil and gas properties in Canada to cannabis pharma products for vertical markets via the acquisition of MJ Biopharma.  Vinergy believes the cannabis industry represents tremendous growth opportunities in multiple verticals across a global demand.  They will acquire all outstanding securities of MJ Biopharma. 

Vinergy has announced that it has appointed Dr. William Panenka, MD as Chair of its Scientific Advisory Board (SAB).  Dr. Panenka received his M.D. and Master of Science degree from the University of Calgary in Canada.  The doctor’s M.S.c. was focused on wet lab techniques that study the immune system.  He completed courses in psychiatry and neurology at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada.  Doctor Panenka is one of two individuals in Western Canada that have a dual certification from the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada in neurology and psychiatry.   

Dr. Panenka has extensive knowledge on the mental and physical health of the body, he initiated a research ‘fellowship’ in 2011 that focused on the impact on the brain as it is under drug use, addiction, and traumatic brain injury.  Where as in 2012, he became a researched at Harvard University and was recruited to the University of British Columbia in 2013 as assistant professor in psychiatry. 

In the last five years, Doctor Panenka has engaged in a project funded by the Canadian Institute of Health Research (CIHR) that kept watch over 400 housed individuals that had history of addiction and mental health issues within Vancouver’s poorest neighborhood.  The project follows the individuals for 10 years. 

Doctor Panenka is BC Primary Site Investigator on a study funded by Brain Canada called “A National biobank and database for patients with traumatic brain injury.”  The study aims to recruit TBI patients and follow them for six months with brain evaluations such as MRI’s and cognitive assessments.  The goal is to add this data obtained to their national database. 

Vinergy deems Doctor Panenka as the perfect candidate to develop, test and identify specific cannabinoid isolates for targeted therapeutic purposes.

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