Vodafone Expands 4G Mobile Coverage to Rural Community: Longnor in Peak District | Financial Buzz

Vodafone Expands 4G Mobile Coverage to Rural Community: Longnor in Peak District

Vodafone has extended its 4G coverage in Longnor under the new UK Shared Rural Network initiative.  Last month, Devauden in the Wye Valley become the first rural community to receive additional coverage part of the Shared Rural Network thanks to 02 and Vodafone collaborating to bring coverage to remote UK communities. 

The program focuses on utilizing mast sharing on existing sites on rural areas where some but not all providers have coverage.  Including construction of new shared masts to connect areas that currently have no coverage at the moment. 

Karen Bradley, MP for Staffordshire Moorlands, said: “Bringing better connectivity to the Moorlands is something I have worked hard to deliver so I am delighted that Vodafone has made this investment in 4G in Longnor. This is only the second place in the UK to benefit from the Shared Rural Network.

“It will mean better connectivity and data coverage for many people living in and around the village and, of course, benefit the many tourists that this beautiful part of the country attracts.”

Scott Petty, Chief Technology Officer, Vodafone UK, said: “The cost of connecting rural hard-to-reach parts of the country has meant that some communities don’t have a choice of network providers. The Shared Rural Network initiative changes that.

“We have been able to work closely with O2 to use their existing site to provide additional 4G coverage for Longnor. This will mean we can give people living and working in remote locations across the UK a choice of networks, and that a rural postcode is no longer a barrier to connectivity.”